Just Havin' Fun



The pictures below are in no particular order, they're for your enjoyment!

Kyra, Pointing & Hef honoring 3/6/13  with Al @ Hastings.


Cache" Winter Creek's Cache Money with his older bro Auggie enjoying a day on the water. Cache is part of the Big Band Singers Litter, formally Dino.

"Audrey" Cashe's mom working the birds @ Hastings Island"

Cache's Dad, Ch. Floyd @ 10 weeks on a wing!

2012 Gala/Hef Litter #2, The Summer Soltice Litter.  Daisy is registered as Winter Creek's White Pearl. Daisy is with new little brother from The Octoberfest Litter, Winter Creek's Hotrod, call name Camshaft! Below also from the Soltice Litter is Winter Creek's Diesel making sure new owner, Mike, has clean ears!


This is Winter Creek's All Star Perfecto "Cain" from the Boys of Summer Litter, with his proud pappa, Mike. Cain lives in Reno, Nev. Mike & wife, Patty, are looking forward to fishing/boating trips this summer with their new boy.

Hefner baby sitting Ace                                  Roulette and Ace 6mos.