Buying From A Responsible Breeder

Sacramento Area - Loomis, CA. (20 minutes east of Sacramento off Hwy 80)

Winter Creek German Shorthaired Pointers est 1984

Official Breeders of Merit Recognized by The American Kennel Club.

There are "NO" Perfect Dogs just as there are no perfect people! Do your homework before you start shopping for a breeder by learning as much as you can about your chosen breed. Don't expect to buy a "show-stopper" for a bargain basement price! Do... expect the breedeer to treat you as you would treat her/him if your roles were reversed.

  No matter how long a breeder has been in the business, a red flag should be raised,  if you hear they have "the Only Perfect" dogs. There are different "styles" of GSPs! You may have had or prefer  more of the  "field"  or of the "show" type dogs.  They can be either smaller or larger, lighter or darker.  Major points are...are the generations behind the dogs healthy and do they have good temperaments? Talk to as many of the breeders as you feel comfortable with. Go meet the Breeders and spend time with the parents.  Refer to our piece on Questions to Ask A Breeder.  Never send a deposit until your gut tells you you have the right mentor. If you have to wait for the right's way better than getting the wrong one! The dog must fit comfortablly into your life style hopefully for 14 years!

Irresponsible Breeders lack breed knowledge and may have no records or pedigrees or generational backrounds on their dogs. They want a deposit immediately upon talking to you! They offer no written guarantee on the pups. They will not question you as they should about why you are interested in the breed or claim they have no time to spend talking about their dogs. If their breeding stock looks thin, possibly dull-coated, is not social with visitors or cannot be seen by visitors, this is a RED FLAG. If housing is less than sanitary, lack shelters for the animals and could have parasite or health problems, this is a RED FLAG.  If  the breeder uses the same stud dog on all their bitches instead of looking for a good match for each breeding, this is a RED FLAG.

Responsible Breeders always put the best interests of their breed and individual dogs first above consideration of profit, trendiness or personal ambition. Deposits are required when you are comofrtable with us and to HOLD a spot  on the list! At Winter Creek, we do not "mass" produce litters. We work toward the betterment of the breed and strive always to improve the breed to it's full versatility and capacities. We are well versed about our breed in general. Our dogs have been screened as carefully as they can be for genetic defects. Our dogs have sound termperaments. The dogs can be visited by potential buyers at any time with the exception of "outside" bitches. Our pups are sold with written guarantees and can be returned during an agreed upon time after sale or possibly for the life of the dog!  We will question you on your initial phone call or email to see if you are suitable to be put on our waiting list to get one of our "kids".